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We are all being called to TRUST our deepest selves and walk into the unknown as we Trailblaze the Transition into the

New Free World destined to be created!

This paradigm paving, culture changing training series offers timely new practical life-skills that pave the way for whole new ways of being, relating, leading, and for co-creating our Parallel Societies & Economies.

These jaw-dropping, mind-blowing trainings are life-changing for all ages over 6 and apply to: individuals, couples, families, homeschools, businesses, teams, organizations, communities, regions.

   The first four Intro Trailblazing the Transition Trainings are:

     1. Roadmap for Trailblazing the Transition

     2. Conscious Contracting Purely in the Private™   

     3. Sovereign Systems Leadership Training  

     4. Parallel Societies & Economies Local Launch Event


Trailblazing the Transition Training #1

#1: Roadmap for Trailblazing the Transition™ (4 hours)

In this paradigm paving, culture changing experiential workshop you will be given a succinct foundation, framework and process for successfully navigating your personal, professional and community relationships as we transition from the old world of centralized, top down, power-over systems into decentralized, bottom up, self-organizing, self-governing Parallel Societies & Economies. 

We know WHAT to do to bring in the new free world that is destined to be created. The trillion dollar question is HOW? 

This intro workshop gives you the road map and asks you 4 imperative questions and supports you to make 4 imperative agreements that lay an embodied relational foundation for HOW you can successfully and sublimely Trailblaze the Transition we are now in.

Polla Presenting Roadmap (10-15-22).jpg
Polla launching her training at Music and Sky, October 16, 2022

In this experiential workshop you will learn and practice:

  • The #1 Value for successfully Trailblazing the Transition™ & the keys to embodying it


  • The 3 premises, processes and outcomes that provide clear new paradigm ways of being, relating and leading


  • Self-governance from the inside out & using your bodies innate intelligence to become your own leader


  • Sit & Slack Method™ for tracking your triggers & mastering somatic self-regulation, co-regulation and consciously collaborative relationships


  • Answering 4 Imperative Questions & mastering your own embodied, bottom up, self-governance process


  • Co-creating 4 Imperative Agreements that lay the foundation to develop your personal, professional and community relational networks that ultimately build our private societies & economies. 


Trailblazing the Transition Training #2

#2: Conscious Contracting Purely in the Private™                                                                                                            (4 hours)

As we transition out of top-down, power-over, public, legal societies and economies and begin building our bottom-up, self-organizing, private parallel societies and economies it is imperative that we start with a: shared worldview; an understanding of the Laws that we choose to guide us; and embodied conscious ways to make and hold agreements. This training module offers all this and a whole lot more!


Conscious Contracting Purely in the Private™ is a paradigm paving, culture changing relational practice and paperwork process for making and holding agreements. At its core Conscious Contracting Purely in the Private honors our whole body, mind, heart and soul in every agreement we make and ensures that accountability and remedy are decided by 'we the people' and based in self-governing sovereign systems.


In this experiential workshop you will learn:

  • How Conscious Contracting Purely in the Private™ serves as a foundation, framework and relational process for making and holding agreements as we build our Parallel Societies & Economies

  • How 16 paradigm paving, culture changing autonomic nervous system agreements fundamentally change how we relate, create, and contract with one another

  • How you can embody and integrate Universal & Natural Laws; your Unalienable Rights;  Voluntaryism; and Conscious Living Universe worldview into new paradigm relational practices for making and holding agreements purely in the private

  • How to stop contracting as a Slave & to how to start contracting as a FREE Woman or Man--with other FREE Women and Men

  • Specific strategies for transitioning from Public to Private and specific ways you can straddle both systems as you navigate the tricky territory and transition between the two

  • The Anatomy of a Conscious Contract and how to create both verbal and written contracts

  • How to incorporate The Sit & Slack Method™ into how you make and hold agreements, for trigger tracking and for resolving controversies on your own

  • How you can form a Regional Remedies Group to support your Conscious Contracting processes and controversies when you are unable to resolve them on your own


Trailblazing the Transition Training #3

#3: Sovereign Systems Leadership Training  (5 hours)

This paradigm paving, culture changing Sovereign Systems Leadership Training™ teaches you the art & science of cultivating & growing self-organizing, self-governing sovereign organizations and communities from the bottom-up and the inside out of your very being.


Learn how to lead from and cater to the autonomic nervous system and to hold space for the wisdom of the ages to emerge, bringing complex adaptive nature-based innovations and solutions to your professional teams and Parallel Societies & Economies development processes.

Learn proven process models and methodologies that have catalyzed and grown self-organizing, self-governing sovereign systems at rural, city, state and country levels internationally over the last 20+ years.

jellyfish leadership cropped.jpg

In this experiential training you will learn:

  • The key differences between top-down, power-over leaders and bottom-up, sovereign systems leaders

  • Why all top down leaders will fail & how somatic savvy bottom-up leaders will succeed

  • The art & science of somatic based human process design that catalyzes & grows decentralized, self-organizing, self-governing, self=sustaining organizations and communities

  • How to gain and apply the Somatic Advantage and sublimely increase resonance, alignment, engagement and momentum

  • How you can cultivate deep subconscious autonomic nervous system level safety and trust and accelerate collaboration, risk-taking, innovation, productivity and profitability  

  • How to set the context, conditions and environment for self-organizing systems to thrive

  • Why jelly fish and octopus are the best role models & teachers for sovereign systems leadership, design and implementation

  • How counter intuitive bottom-up leadership truly is & the ultimate gut maneuver it requires to successfully lead self-organizing sovereign systems 


Trailblazing the Transition Training #4

#4: Parallel Societies & Economies Local Launch Event                                                                                         (20+ hours)


Graduates of the first three Trailblazer Trainings collaboratively apply everything they've learned to a Self-Organizing Meeting Process template and towards producing a local launch event in their community. The template is specially designed to catalyze Regional Relational Networks and to launch Local Parallel Societies & Economies.

This training includes two, four-hour group planning sessions and an expected 10+ hours of pre-event coordination for each training graduate. It takes a high level of embodied consciousness, coordination and planning to successfully organize, co-lead and hold space for a community to successfully to come together in-person and self-organize their self-governing Parallel Societies & Economies. This module provides immersive, hands-on, experiential training for maximum engagement and launch event success!

Private Societies Launch Event cropped.jpeg

Marin/Sonoma County Leaders 2022

In this experiential workshop you will:

  • Lean the ABC's of Sovereign Systems Design and how to somatically apply it

  • Learn how to set the context, conditions and environment for deep subconscious somatic safety and trust to flourish

  • Learn how hold space that  innately catalyzes self-organizing development processes (and how not to)

  • Learn how to align, call to action & mobilize your community to realize maximum networking opportunities & the number of action initiative launched at your first event

  • Learn how to build continuity, catalyze commitments, create & hold accountability and to generate next steps

  • Learn how to create momentum, a sense of purposeful passion, initiative tracking and support systems, system-building follow-ups and continued collaboration!

Next Training Series Starts in June 2023

To get on the waiting list send email to:

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