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Learn to surf the waves in your nervous system while you face, feel, transmute, transcend and transform unresolved trauma. Return to your naturally balanced self and to your life filled with ultimate health, happiness and JOY!

Ozone & Oxygen Therapy Equipment Sales

Buying a Home Ozone Therapy System and/or a Liveo2 Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Training System is one of the best investments you can make towards your health  sovereignty!

If you can afford it, I highly recommend that you invest in both a home ozone therapy system and a Liveo2 Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Therapy system. Using the combo of these two systems creates the conditions for unprecedented healing and spontaneous remissions to occur!

Ozone & Oxygen Therapy Equipment

To make things easy I offer you two starter packages to choose from:


Do you need an Equipment Consultation?

If you have reviewed both the starter packages above and still have questions about putting together your own Home Ozone Therapy system, you can contact me to schedule an Equipment Consultation. 


In order to know what equipment and accessories you need to buy, you need to know or at least have some idea of what conditions you to may want to address.

*If you are local, I can set up all your equipment, deliver it to your home and show you how to use it.

*If you are not local, I can coach you on Zoom how to safely connect and set up all your equipment, and show you how to use it.

30 Minute Consultation - $75

Ozone Therapy Equipment

There are a lot of ozone therapy generators on the market and many of them are cheaply made and unsafe. For sure, it is a big mistake to buy a cheap ozone generator. Don't do it. I have heard a lot of unfortunate stories.


There are two reputable companies that manufacture reliable, top of the line ozone generators and accessories that I can recommend: Promolife and Longevity.

I whole heartedly recommend Promolife generators!  

I have been working with the family owned Promolife team and have been using their ozone generators and accessories for over 7 years. Promolife has earned my personal and professional trust and highest recommendation. 


Promolife makes the highest quality ozone generators that are 100% sourced and assembled here in the United States, are totally safe & silent!, are consistantly accurate, and competitively affordable. 


Further Promolife offers a lifetime warranty on all their ozone generators!!

However,while Longevity makes high quality ozone generators I do not recommend Longevity generators for home use. First of all, Longevity has a very limited warranty.They are unnecessarily costly and noisy!  are foreign made and sold out of Canada which requires international shipping and customs that can randomly flag orders and hold them up for months on end. This always equates to slow, expensive delivery. Shall you ever need any servicing of your equipment, its VERY expensive and time consuming to have to pack up and send in your equipment. Further, with supply chain disruptions already happening and international shipping orders being more heavily regulated and controlled--buying foreign products and equipment is risky--and in this case is not a risk you need to take.

Liveo2 Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Training

The Liveo2 Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Training System is a total game changer to anyone's health whether you are young or old, or super healthy or super sick.

I have been using this original Adaptive Contrast Oxygen Training system personally for 7 years and professionally for 5 years, and am blown away by the results I have achieved for myself and for my clients!

If you are interested in doing a demonstration session, give me a call to schedule. And if you are interested in buying a Live02 AC System I can talk with you about it, and if you decide to buy a system, I can save you money!

If you want to talk directly with Liveo2 just call and be sure to connect with:

Annette Young 

+1 (970) 658-2790

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