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Are you a leader Trailblazing the Transition into the New Free World?

Do you know how to catalyze and grow self-organizing, self-governing and self-sustaining systems from the inside out and bottom up of your being?


Are you aware that 95-99% of what is driving you, your organization, and your leadership efforts is pre-programmed, subconscious and biologically hardwired?


How well do you know how to navigate this vast, potent and sublime inner territory--for yourself and your organization?...

The better you can track and register changes inside your body through your felt-sense experience, the better you can track and read changes in all other living systems around you including your employees, organizations, funders, competitors and markets.

Being able to sense the underlying biological body-based (somatic) communication that is happening all the time gives you the Somatic Advantage!

Gaining the Somatic Advantage gives you baseline biological information, premise and increased capacity to stay self-regulated and response-able under stressful conditions, and it helps you to make sublime interventions that lead to healthy regenerative collaborations, decisions and actions that grow self-organizing, self-governing sovereign systems.

Becoming somatically savvy about somatic self-regulation and co-regulation basics gives any leader a profound Somatic Advantage in all their relations--and in fact as the old world crumbles all around us, it is now IMPERATIVE!.

By learning and integrating my core somatic practices and techniques leaders can learn to use their whole-brain and innate somatic intelligence to collaboratively innovate productive, profitable and biologically sound solutions to pressing community and workplace challenges.

Leaders who develop the Somatic Advantage will have more choice, option and resiliency in this time of great slow down, failing markets and economic collapse.

My core innate intelligence somatic leadership coaching and skills training empowers leaders from the inside out and outside in with a whole systems somatic worldview, education and practice that helps you orient, listen, pay attention and lead in new ways.

Learn to tap into your deepest intelligence and allow it to dance through your body-senses organically leading you and your organization with optimal integrity, efficiency and meaning.

Learn to “get yourself out of the way” and use your Innate Intelligence to organically innovate whole-systems solutions and biologically informed regenerative feedback loops that inspire organic profits and restorative action.

I have over 25 years of applied somatic practice working with the leaders of governments, educational institutions, non-profits, communities and businesses including XEROX, Boeing and Pemex helping them achieve greater operating efficiencies, teamwork harmonies and creative solutions to pressing challenges. Contact me to learn more about my custom Somatic Business & Leadership Coaching packages, my custom Leadership Development Trainings and how you can gain the Somatic Advantage!

Interested in learning more about Leading Self-Organizing, Self-Governing organizations and communities?

Call me to schedule your FREE 20 Minute Consultation


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