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Sovereign Systems Design

Sovereign Systems Design

As a leader bringing in the New Free World we basically know WHAT we need to do. The trillion dollar question is HOW?

How is a human relational process. As a somatically savvy human process designer with over 25 years experience designing for rural, city, state and country level initiatives, I collaboratively work with you to co-create custom human process designs that cater to the brainstem and subconscious autonomic nervous system. In this way we build whole-person autonomy while increasing response-ability (the ability-to-respond) in grounded, present moment, self-empowered ways.   

By setting the context, conditions and environment for deep subconscious somatic (brainstem level) safety and trust to thrive in the groups we are working with, we prime paradigm paving, culture changing accelerated human processes and practices, and co-create the relational foundation for self-organizing, self-governing, self-sustaining human systems to catalyze and grow.  

The deeper the level of biological body-based brainstem safety, the deeper the level of trust. The deeper the level of trust, the deeper the level of collaboration, risk-taking, innovation and regenerative productivity and profitability. 

I incorporate dozens of disciplines into my human process design including: somatics, neuro-psychology, interpersonal neuro-biology, living systems principles, natural laws, bio-mimicry, and new sciences.

I will be making a series of videos soon and sending them out as I produce them. I have so much to share with you about Sovereign Systems Design and how we can collaborate in accelerated ways to bring in the New Free World destined to be created!

If you are leading a team, organization and or community development initiative and would like to have an initial complimentary 15 minute chat about HOW you are designing and facilitating your process systems, then I would love to hear from you!

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